Le attitudini latenti Latent attitudes

Site-specific action | recorded synthetic voice, 4 speakers | 2015

project realized as part as Innesti Urbani, festival for the regeneration of urban area, with the support of the University of Padua.

This project is developed following an analysis of the relation between the presence of prohibitions in the urban space and the behavior of citizens in consequence to them. Interdictions that are issued as municipal ordinances, restrictions expressed in visual form, and voice, in public spaces, means of transport, railway stations, squares, and so on.
The action is structured as a practice of undermining the concept of prohibition, which results in a general apathy of individuals, or in aggressive attitudes. Subjected to a subtle but constant pressure and the risk of being in default, the citizens drastically reduce cases of possible experiences in the public context. The actions proposed, are those collected during a workshop organized in collaboration with the artist Francesco Nordio, and they are recorded in a neutral voice, impersonal, and then conveyed through different sound sources placed at different points of a pedestrian path.