Pensiero selvaggio Savage mind

Video loop / AVI format / color 06’56’’ 2015
Performative installation. silk kites, fan, drawings of a three years old child / 2014 - 2016

This work stems from the observation of the drawings of several three/four year old children, that fully express the explosion of a thought in its savage stage, preceding a polite and logical-rational way of thinking. To express the energy and freedom of these drawings I tried to transform them in three-dimensional shapes by building silk kite models, and lifting them from the ground through the help of a fan. The transformation process from drawing to shape made me think about the analogy between the bricoleur concept and the executive methods that I chose to express the fascination I initially felt. The images on the paper are transformed and they took on a physical presence and express a light and moving dimension. The breeze, is an element that is necessary to solicit the work’s own existence, such as the though that brought the child to draw on a white piece of paper. The projects made in silk are maybe impossible kites, utopian shapes that I train to fly through the use of fans.

photo: Alberto Sinigaglia