Resist the dust (part 2)

temporary care of an abandoned house

Parco per l’Arte in Cancelli di Foligno, PG, 2014

After several meetings with the residents of Park for the arts in Cancelli, I recorded their ‘staying’ as an act of resistance, a stubborn gesture of preservation. During the exploration of the abandoned house I found and I chose to clean it and fix it, erasing the traces of time and decay, and attempting to return the building to its primary characteristics. Clean is an ephemeral gesture, that in fact needs to be repeated daily, becoming instruments of resistance. Tidying up has implied an arbitrary choice on what to keep and what to throw, establishing a new affective history between me and the house.
The installation includes a video documentation of the cleaning action, collection of photographs documenting the reactivation of the space and the resistance of the recovered material.